Episode 01: Can Divorce be Collaborative?

By Dustin Sachs / 5 August 2019 / 0:14:21

Dustin: Welcome to Mulligan Mentoring, where we talked to business leaders across all industries and geographies to find the most valuable lessons they have learned and to answer the question,"If you could give any advice to your 20 year old self, what would it be?" I'm your host Dustin Sachs and this podcast is unlike any other. We're looking beyond the current successes of our guests and examining how they went from newbie to industry leaders. We will have our guests provide practical advice to anyone looking to develop in their career. Each week we find out how our guest defines mentorship, and get tips and guidance from the best minds across a variety of industries.

Dustin: Welcome, this is our first official show. I hope that all of you have had a chance to listen to Episode 0, or “The Prequel”. Our guest this week is Ed Sachs. For over 25 years, Ed has represented spouse is getting divorced, through the traditional litigation model. He has witnessed every kind of insanity you can imagine, including a husband who bankrupted his company rather than giving anything to his wife. He's seen family is torn apart, not only by the animosity and anger that is filed by the litigation process, but by the enormous costs. About 10 years ago, Ed found a better way to put his skills to work assisting people in one of the most difficult times of their and their family's life, divorce.

The collaborative process provides a vehicle for a dignified, peaceful, and respectable way to end a marriage while keeping the family intact. As a collaborative professional, Ed helps spouses throughout their divorce without destroying their family. Working together, he helps reach a financial solution by choice, not one made by a judge.

On January 1st, 2016, after 16 years as Director of Litigation and Valuation Services at Appelrouth, Farah, and Company, Ed began an accounting practice dedicated to the collaborative process and other alternatives to settling financial disputes and divorce. As a certified public accountant, both accredited in business valuation, and Certified in Financial Forensics, he is able to harness those skills to assist, parties in understanding the financial information needed to achieve their goals and reach a financial settlement. Ed recently finished a term as President of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and as a member of that and numerous other practice groups throughout the state of Florida, he helps assemble the collaborative team that works through this very difficult situation.

It was an honored to speak to Ed to find out about what collaborative divorce is, what his definition of mentoring is, and to understand what advice he would give to his 20 or 30 year old self looking back now on a career that has spanned almost four decades. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Dustin: Ed, thanks for joining us today.

Dustin: You've been an account for about 35 years, right?

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