Episode 00: What is Mulligan Mentoring?

By Dustin Sachs / 5 August 2019 / 0:05:13

Dustin:[00:00:00] Welcome to Mulligan Mentoring, where we talked to business leaders across all industries and geographies to find the most valuable lessons they have learned and to answer the question, "If you could give any advice to your 20 year old self, what would it be?" I'm your host Dustin Sachs and this podcast is unlike any other. We're looking beyond the current successes of our guests and examining how they went from newbie to industry leaders.

Dustin:[00:00:36] We will have our guests provide practical advice to anyone looking to develop in their career. Each week we find out how our guest defines mentorship, and get tips and guidance from the best minds across a variety of industries.

Dustin:[00:00:53] This is our first show. Actually, this is the prequel to the first show and like any good prequel, this is the origin story. It's the answer to the question. "Why do we need yet another interview podcast?" Well in order to answer that question, let me first start with a bit of my own background.

Dustin:[00:01:14] I'm a 37 year old who lives and works in Houston, Texas. I'm originally from Miami, Florida. Yeah, there are people who were born and raised in Miami. I moved to Texas in 2008 to pursue my career as a digital forensics and cyber security professional. I'm a proud graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, a graduate of the computer forensics certificate program at University of Central Florida, and currently in my second year has an MBA candidate with a cybersecurity specialization at the University of South Florida.

Dustin:[00:01:50] I've obtained many professional certifications and have been an active thought leader in my industry. I found in the past few years that many people will contact me on LinkedIn, approach me at conferences, or send me emails asking for advice on how to get into the cybersecurity and digital forensics industry.

Dustin:[00:02:12] This got me thinking. I wonder if there are any good podcasts out there that focus on people starting out, or looking to advance in their career, or even those looking to make a career change. I personally listen to several very good such as Entrepreneur Magazine's "Problem Solvers" best-selling author Michael Lewis's "Against The Rules" and Douglas Brush's "Cyber Security Interviews".

Dustin:[00:02:40] What I found lacking in the myriad of podcasts available as both a focus on young professionals and more importantly a venue where those who are at the pinnacle of their career can reflect on the lessons. They've learned and share those with others noted author and leadership guru. John Maxwell has a \\quote that to me sums up the purpose of this show.

Dustin:[00:03:03] He said, "One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination." And famed aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh said, "One can never pay in gratitude, one can only pay, in kind, somewhere else in life.

Dustin:[00:03:25] In the coming episodes will speak to experts in entrepreneurship, consulting and philanthropy. I'm thankful to all of the leaders who have agreed to be part of this endeavor. I encourage everyone to visit www.mulliganmentoring.com, to listen to episodes, read show notes, and learn more about and from our guests. I encourage you to sign up for regular subscription updates on all of your podcasting sources.

Dustin:[00:03:57] This show is my way of leveraging the power of networking to do my part in paying it forward. I welcome your feedback and questions as well as suggestions for guests. I look forward to taking this journey with each of you. So let's begin.

Dustin:[00:04:16] Thank you for joining us for this prequel episode. If you'd like to learn more about our podcast, please visit wwww.mulliganmentoring.com

Dustin:[00:04:28] We've got some really great episodes coming up in the next couple weeks. If there's anyone you'd like to hear from, or if you have a suggestion for the show feel free to drop us a line on our website. Thank you again for joining us and we look forward to sharing our next episode with you really soon.

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